World-wide Tower Links

Forest Fire Lookout Association- the FFLA's site with loads of stuff on fire fighting and lookouts in the USA and worldwide.

Zeyn's Forest Fire Lookouts of Oregon.

Minnesota's Fire Towers- info. on towers and planes used for fire fighting in this state so close to Ontario.

National Historic Lookout Registry- registered lookouts in the USA and Canada.

Rex's Fire Tower Lookouts- info. on towers with links to every tower site on the internet. Also includes a fun section on towers used in tv and movies.

Domenic's Fire Tower Lookouts of Washington and Oregon.

New England's Fire Lookouts- with links to tower photos and lists in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York.

Fire Lookouts of the Adirondacks- my favorite site with the most awesome photos and views of upstate New York. Includes exact tower locations.

New Hampshire State Website- showing the locations of all the actively manned towers.

The Angeles National Forest Lookout Association.

Fire Lookouts of the USA.

Canadian Bushplane Museum- photos of Ontario towers as well as archives and a great article on modern aerial fire fighting techniques.

British Columbia's Ministry of Forests' Lookout Tower Stations.

Columbia Basin Lookouts- Fire Tower panoramas from British Columbia.

Alberta Forest Protection and Fire Towers.

Alberta's Forestry Service with positions available for lookout observers.

Portugal's Lookouts- Click the dots on the map of Portugal to see photos and info on all 236 towers in this densely towered nation.

Lookout Vistas from the Western United States.

Map of Saskatchewan's Fire Tower Lookouts.

In Search of Joe Tower- the story of my search for the fire tower used on "The Forest Rangers."

         Dean's Ontario Fire Tower Adventures .

         Australia's Fire Lookouts

         Dan Kucher's Fire Towers of Algoma District, Ontario