* (cupola removed-now used as communications tower)

The Ontario MNR has decided, as of 2013, to remove many of these still standing towers. I will be keeping this list as it is though. Please email your area MPP and MP to preserve this part of Ontario's history before it's too late.

ps- Visiting these tower sites is one thing but climbing is another. It is hazardous to try to climb one and that is why the MNR has removed the bottom 20 ft of ladder. The MNR no longer maintains them so please refrain from climbing.

Southern Ontario

1- Larose Tower- Larose Forest, Bourget, Ont.
2- Clarence Tower- Larose Forest, Bourget, Ont.(removed)
3- Freswick Tower- Big Crow Lake, Algonquin Park, Ont.
4- Patterson Tower- Stormy Lake, Restoule, Ont.
5- Highview Tower- C.F.B. Petawawa, Ont.(replaced with wooden lookout)
6- Malone Tower- Petawawa Research Forest, Chalk River, Ont.
7- Wylie Tower- Petawawa Research Forest, Chalk River, Ont.
8- Dysart Tower- Haliburton, Ont.*
9- St. Nora Tower- St. Nora Lake, Pine Springs, Ont.
10- Ferndale Tower- Port Carling, Ont. (not official tower, used on Red Green Show)
11- Boulter Tower- Bonfield, Ont.*
12- Widdifield Tower- Tower Drive, North Bay, Ont.*
13- Olden Tower- Mountain Grove, Ont. (moved to Parry Sound area in 2003)
14- Stonecliffe Tower- across Ottawa R. from Stonecliffe, Ont. in Quebec
15- Pinery Tower- Pinery Prov. Park, Grand Bend, Ont.*
16- Mt. Martin Tower- across Ottawa R. from Deep River, Ont.*
17- Middleville Tower- Middleville, Ont. (moved to Joe's Lake, Clyde Forks in 2004 but not erected)*

Mid-Northern Ontario

1- Murray Tower- Murray Mine Site, Sudbury, Ont.
2- Thistle Tower- Island Lake, will be eventually moved to Field, Ont.
3- Lyman Tower- Tilden Lake, Ont.
4- Mcreights Tower- Mcreights Dam, Thessalon, Ont.
5- Ellis Tower- Ishpatina Ridge, Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Park, Ont.
6- Rorke Tower- Maple Mountain, Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Park, Ont.
7- Temagami Tower- Caribou Mountain, Temagami, Ont.
8- McConnell Tower- Dewdney Lake, Chiniguchi River, Ont.
9- Jollineau Tower- Ranger Lake, Ont. (now dismantled)
10- Menzies/ Bailloquet Tower- Catfish Lake, Wawa, Ont.
11- Restoule Tower- Sand Lake, Wawa, Ont.
12- Norberg/ Griffin Lake Tower- Batchawana Mountain, Batchawana, Ont.
13- Mount Ogidaki Tower- Mekatina, Ont.
14- Acadia Tower- Pinetorch Lake, Temagami, Ont. (MNR repeater tower)
15- Brigstocke Tower- Anima Nipissing Lake, Latchford, Ont.
16- Antrim Tower- Onaping Lake, Cartier, Ont.
17- Upper Green Lake Tower- Upper Missisagi River, Ont.
18- Margaret Tower- Biscotasing, Ont. (pulled over and left to rot in bush)
19- Frechette Tower- Thor/Edna Lake, Laforest, Ont.
20- Parkin Tower- Wanapitei Lake, Capreol, Ont. *
21- Alcorn Tower-Chapleau Nemegosanda Park, Chapleau, Ont *
22- Roadhouse Tower- Cooke Lake, Elk Lake, Ont.
23- Burt Tower- Burt Lake, Swastika, Ont.
24- Donovan Tower- Okiniada Lake, Gowganda, Ont.
25- Bayly Tower- Wendigo Lake, Englehart, Ont.
26- Natal Tower- Upper Grassy Lake, Shining Tree, Ont.
27- Powell Tower- Mistinikon Lake, Matachewan, Ont.
28- Cascaden Tower- Windy Lake, Onaping Falls, Ont.
29- Wilkie Tower- Wilkie Lake, Elliot Lake, Ont.
30- Elliot Lake Tower- Elliot Lake, Ont. *
31- Ogilvie Tower- Kasakanta Lake, Shining Tree, Ont.
32- Garrow Tower- Tower Lake, Eldee, Ont.
33- Miramichi Tower- Elephant Head Lake, Shining Tree, Ont.
34- Resound Lake Tower- Gogama, Ont.
35- Melrose Tower- Melrose Tower Hill/Lake, Foleyet, Ont.
36- Mattawan Tower- Tower Lake, Mattawa, Ont. (roof pushed off)
37- Lundy Tower- Twin Lakes, New Liskeard, Ont..
38- McNish Tower- River Valley, Ont. (pulled down and left to rot in bush)
39- Chester Tower- Dividing Lake, Gogama, Ont.
40- Ghost Mountain Tower- Matheson, Ont.*
41- Raymond Tower- Mount Collins, Matachewan, Ont.
42- Hellyer Tower- Ivanhoe Lake, Foleyet, Ont.
43- Horwood Tower- Delaney Mtn, Foleyet, Ont.
44- Specht Tower- Calbeck Lake, Metagama, Ont.
45- Royal Tower- Revelle Bay, Aubrey Falls, Ont
46- Jessiman Tower- Aubrey Falls, Ont.
47- Bernier Tower- Wenebegon Lake, Ont.
48- Gross Tower- Charlton, Ont.
49- Lloyd Tower- Chapleau Reserve, Peterbell, Ont.
50- Foleyet Tower- Foleyet, Ont.
51- Bolkow Tower- Chapleau, Ont
52- Pineal Lake Tower- Sheppard Morse, Chapleau, Ont.*
53- Marshall Tower- Como Lake, Chapleau, Ont.
54- Wakami Tower- North Embarass Lake, Sultan, Ont.
55- Wawa Lake Tower- Wawa, Ont.
56- Stetham Tower- Gogama, Ont.*
57- Fontaine Tower- Big Trout Lake, Fontaine Twp, Ont.
58- Baldwin Tower- Agnew Lake, Espanola, Ont.
59- Oshell Tower- Little Shakwa Lake, Stralak, Ont.
60- Victoria Tower- Tube Lake, Walford, Ont.
61- Villeneuve Tower- Black Creek, Aubrey Falls, Ont.*
62- Yaremko Tower- Dubbelewe Lake, Ont. (now dismantled)
63- Nouvel Tower- Grasset Lake, Kynoch, Ont.
64- Galbraith Tower- Mole Lake, Ophir, Ont. (now dismantled)
65- Boon Tower- Bull Lake, north of Massey, Ont.
66- Mount Baldy Tower- Flagg and Gould Lakes, Tabobondung Twp.*

67-Saunders Lake Tower

68- Dagle Tower- Mississagi River

Northern Ontario

1- Colquhuon Tower- Driftwood, Ont.*
2- Lougheed Tower- Foleyet, Ont.
3- Mount Horden Tower- Elsas, Ont.
4- Sphene Lake Tower- Rainy Lake, Ont.
5- Atikwa Lake Tower- Atikwa Lake, Sioux Narrows, Ont.
6- McKenzie Lake Tower- Quetico Prov. Park, Ont.
7- Kaministikwa Tower- Kakabeka Falls, Ont
8- Pickle Lake Tower- Pickle Lake, Ont. (removed from Atikokan, Ont.)
9- Raith Tower-  Raith, Ont.
10- Iron Range Bluff Tower- Humbolt Bay, Lake Nipigon, Ont.
12- Mowbray Tower- Guilfoyle Lake, Kapuskasing, Ont.*
13- Pearce Tower- Pearce Lake, Kapuskasing, Ont.
14- Sulman Tower- Bakatase Falls, Kapuskasing, Ont.*
15- Oscar Tower- Oscar Lake, Kapuskasing, Ont.
16- Seaton Tower- Little Shack Lake, Kapuskasing, Ont.
17- Watson Tower- Frying Pan Lake, Kapuskasing, Ont.
18- Opasatika Tower- Rufus Lake, Opasatika, Ont.
19- Neely Tower- Allan Lake, Opasatika, Ont.
20- Bonheur Tower- Ignace, Ont. (removed from Bonheur Twp.)
21- McGarry Tower- Virginiatown, Ont
22- Ben Nevis Tower- Pushkin Lake, Kirkland Lake, Ont.
23- Killens Tower- Obatanga PP, Ont
24- McKeon Tower- Kenogamissi Lake, Timmins, Ont.
25- Shania Twain Tower- Timmins, Ont.
26- Sleeping Giant Tower- Sibley Peninsula, Thunder Bay, Ont.
27- Kenora X-21 Tower- Jaffray Melick, Ont.
28- Cliff Lake Tower- Kenora, Ont.
29- Wade Tower- Wade, Ont. (now dismantled)
30- Jones Tower- Jones Crossing, Ont.
31- Dogtooth Tower- Dogtooth Lake, Kenora, Ont.
32- Phillips Tower- Nestor Falls, Ont.
33- French Portage Tower- French Portage, Ont.
34- Mowe Lake Tower- Thunder Bay, Ont.
35- Aldina Tower- Thunder Bay, Ont.
36- Hazelwood Tower-  Gorham Twp.,Thunder Bay, Ont. (now dismantled)
37- Dorian Tower- Ouimet Canyon Park, Ont.
38- Max Lake Tower- Thunder Bay, Ont.
39- Lock Erne Tower- Thunder Bay, Ont
40- Conmee Tower- Thunder Bay, Ont
41- Newman Tower- Twopeak Lake, Cochrane, Ont.
42- Inglis Tower- Thorning Lake, Cochrane, Ont. (stands on 3 legs)
43- Forestry Point Tower- Red Lake Fire Mgmnt. Centre, Ont..
44- Anashihinabi Tower- Kenora, Ont.
45- Lake of Two Mountains Tower- Kenora, Ont.
46- Prospect Lake Tower- Kenora, Ont.
47- Whitefish Bay Tower- Kenora, Ont.
48- Patullo Tower- Stratton, Ont.
49- Shoal Lake Tower- Mine Centre, Ont.
50- Kashipwi Tower- Quetico Prov. Park, Ont.
51- Beaverhouse Tower- Beaverhouse Entry Station, Ont.
52- Fushimi Lake Tower- Hearst, Ont.
53- Caitness Tower- Big Pike Lake, Ont.
54- Golding Tower- Golding Twp, Ont.
55- Coullson Tower- Matheson, Ont.
56- Matheson Tower- Matheson, Ont.
57- Mount Kempis Tower- Wavell, Ont.
58- Hayward Tower- Fire River, Ont.
59- Kamiskotia Tower- Timmins, Ont.
60- Alexo Tower- Fielding/ Kilburn, Ont.
61- Val Rita/ Hardy Tower- Kapuskasing, Ont.
62- Lindhom Lake Tower- Armstrong, Ont.
63- Foch Tower- Foch Twp, Ont.
64- Conmec Tower- Conmec Twp, Ont.
65- Patience Tower- Patience Twp, Ont.
66- Lecours Tower- Marathon, Ont.
67- Klotz Lake Tower- Longlac, Ont.
68- Clavet Tower- Clavet Twp, Ont.
69- Manning Tower- Chagama Lake, Elsas, Ont.
70- Whitewater Lake Tower
71- Dog River Road Tower
72- Tisdale Tower- Schumacher, Ont.* 

73- Doherty Tower- Hearst, Ont. *

74- Mulloy Tower- Hearst, Ont.

75- Walls Tower- Hearst, Ont.

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Ontario Fire Towers Still Standing